Family Law


No Fault Divorce -

 ​Rather  than making a determination as to who is at fault when a marriage is  broken, the Washington State Legislature has determined that their  priority is to protect the best interest of the child by reducing the  stress of the divorce proceeding. In King County, some form of mediation  of other alternative dispute resolution is a requirement before  progressing to trial. Far and away, most couples resolve their  separation through this process.

Drugs, Alcohol and Domestic Violence- 

Family  law commissioners are particularly intolerant of drug and alcohol  use. Commissioners routinely require that while children are with a  parent who enjoys such indulgences, that parent must refrain from  alcohol and recreational drug use completely. There is zero tolerance  for domestic violence. Immediate temporary protection orders are  available, with a hearing for both parties before a commissioner in 14  days. In situations where children are involved, and it is unclear  whether or not there is a threat of violence, a risk assessment will be  ordered. Training programs may be mandated for anyone with a history of  abusive tendencies.