Elder Law ​​Online Resources

Estate Planning

  • Durable Power of Attorney - Q & A from the Washington Law Help Website.
  • Living Wills (aka Advance Healthcare Directives) - Q & A and basic form from the Washington Law Help Website.
    • End of Life Washington -  This is a far more complicated directive, including many more health  situations and also more medical treatments. It also includes Durable  Power of Attorney for healthcare
    • Five Wishes - This is another complicated directive that also includes Power of  Attorney for healthcare. This is particularly good at addressing  religious concerns.
  • ​​Resources for Financial Planning - Considerations for the kinds of financial planning that may or may not be effective for seniors.
  • Legal Planning for Alzheimer's and Dementia - Estate planning specific to those diagnosed with Alzheimer's or other dementia
  • Advance Care Planning - A guide to help you consider your options and prepare for them
  • Little Known Tax Deductions - A guide designed to give you  the information you need to claim the federal income tax deductions you may be due.

Autonomy Protection

  • Age in Place - This is a movement geared towards finding ways to allow you to stay  safely in your home. Certified professionals include Occupational  Therapists, who can give you great suggestions, and Contractors who are  familiar with the kinds of changes needed to make homes safer for aging  bodies.
  • Supported Decision Making - a movement to protect your right to make decisions after you have lost capacity with support from others instead of having others take over that right. Washington  has not yet incorporated this approach, though there are people working  to make that happen.​

Long Term Care

  • Long Term Care Insurance - Information and links from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner.
  • In-Home Care Services - This eldercare locator site has information on care services available in your area.
  • Care Facilities - Adult Family Homes and other types of care facilities in Washington  State are listed on this site for the Washington Health Care Association
  • Assisted Living Facilities - Considerations specific to the choice of an Assisted Living Facility.
  • Aging Life Care Managers - These  are professionals who can help you find the best solution to whatever  care issue you or your family might be facing. This website offers a  good explanation of what they do, and links to find Aging Life Care  Managers in your area.​
  • When do You Need Assisted Living? - This webpage gives you a list of considerations for when and why you might want to move into a facility

Medicaid and Other Benefits

  • Q & A on COPES - COPES (Community Options Program Entry System) is that part of  Medicaid coverage for long term care that you receive in your own home,  in adult Family Homes, and in Assisted Living Facilities. This excellent  explanation of the program is put on the Washington Law Help website by  Columbia Legal Services.
  • Medicaid Regulations - The SSI Manual (called the POMS Manual) is helpful for questions on Medicaid as well as SSI.
  • DSHS - Office locator and other local services
  • DSHS Regulations - DSHS Medicaid Eligibility A-Z Manual (majority of nursing home regulations can be found in the Long Term Care Chapter.)
  • Veterans Benefits for Seniors - If you served in the armed forces or are the surviving spouse of someone who did, there may be benefits available

After Someone Dies

  • How to Find a Lost Will - Information and suggestions from the Washington State Bar Association.
  • Probate - Detailed instructions and forms for probate process. Also includes  forms and instructions for how to settle an estate without probate.
  • Neptune Society - Cremation services.
  • Peoples' Memorial Association - Cost effective cremation and burial services.​​

Other Legal Resources

  • Just Great Lawyers - This webpage provides a way to find a lawyer who will meet your needs.
  • Washington Law Help Website - Pamphlets on Medicaid programs, guardianships, wills, probates and other Elder Law topics in Washington.
  • WAELA.org - Washington academy of Elder Law Attorneys. This is a good place to  find Elder Law Attorneys in your region of Washington State.