Elder and Family Law

 My  priority is to protect the rights of family members from childhood  through old age: the rights of children to have loving relationships  with both of their parents, even through the stresses of a divorce  proceeding; and elders' rights to stay in charge of their own lives, to  avoid nursing homes and guardianship.

I  was already middle-aged when I discovered the practice of law, soon  after I met my husband. His ex-wife did not want me to have any contact  with "her children" and so she hid them from their father. I so enjoyed  helping him try and maneuver through the legal process that I decided to  go to law school. It took me five years, but finally, at age 57, I was  accepted to the Washington Bar. 

Initially,  I settled on Elder Law because of my mother's experience during the  last few months of her life. My mom was fiercely independent, and  explained to me that for her, the worst thing she had to endure was the  humiliation of losing the right to make her own decisions about her own  life. I was determined to fight for the autonomy rights of seniors  facing this difficult chapter of their lives. 

I  decided to widen my focus to include Family Law after helping my  94-year-old friend through a legal separation. I was impressed by the  kindness of the commissioners to the many pro se parties, of  the philosophy of no-fault divorce proceedings, and of the priority of  children being able to maintain good, strong, loving relationships with  both of their parents. 

Before  I took up the law, I worked as a math tutor at Seattle Central  Community College. I have also worked as a theater and opera costumer,  and as an aide working with adults with developmental disabilities.

I enjoy gardening, dancing and biking. 



J.D. from Seattle University, 2012
B.S. in Math from University of Washington, 1998
B.A. in Theater from University of Washington, 1998

Volunteer Work

KCBA Elder Law Clinic

KCBA Family Law Clinic

KCBA Mentor/Mentee Program, representing pro  bono clients experiencing domestic violence.


My hourly rate is presently $200.00/hr.

​I do offer a sliding scale for low income clients.